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A sea of solutions one Nm deep

Adrox is a nanotechnology company, located in Valparaiso, which was born out of the desire to generate sustainability and reduce water use in large companies and SMEs. We also develop strategic consulting services in nanotechnology and biotech for individuals, companies and institutions with high costs in maintenance and industrial cleaning to advocate lower water resource consumption, which has a positive impact on our ecosystem.

About Brooklyn
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We create functional duality, in terms of both building and application of knowledge, through applied and tangible solutions, research and development.

R & D Services

We offer consulting services, where we show our products to our clients and provide answers to their specific needs to optimize their use.

Solution Line

We are pioneers in the application of R & D + I in nanotechnology, working with applications in solar energy, the automotive industry, mining, the textile industry, real estate, and health, as well as other developing productive areas.

Our Service

We seek to become a company for the world, growing in a horizontal way, that is to say, by interrelating economic, social and sustainable development.

Our Service


How do the best companies in the world reduce their maintenance and industrial cleaning costs?

By improving and eliminating costly methods for industry and environment, through technological partners, who facilitate the diagnosis and construction of new innovative processes, achieving KPI (Key Performance Indicators) of great relevance in the areas of applied innovation within the organization and, consequently, a higher Ebitda.

Savings in replicable and systemizable innovation areas

Development of self-cleaning industrial nanocoatings with R + D + i

Quality control and certification at nanometric level of the material or final product in specialized laboratories

Reduction of labor accident rates, maintenance costs and industrial cleaning.

Our Service


Felipe Pacheco - CEO & Founder de Adrox

Our clients

We have researched and applied adaptable self-cleaning industrial nanocoatings, together with several innovation clients.


Partners and collaborators

Those who believed in us and today are important strategic alliances of Adrox.



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