1 September, 2017 admin_adrox

Adrox joins the Regional Chamber of Commerce of Valparaiso

The Regional Chamber of Commerce of Valparaiso (CRCP) is the oldest trade organization in Latin America and a relevant player in the region´s economic development thanks to its ability to adapt to contingencies and clearly define the role of trade in society.

In 2017, Adrox has become one of the 36 new members of the CRCP, joining a trade organization that has been dedicated to the economic development of the Valparaíso region for 159 years.

Pier – Paolo Zaccarelli, President of the CRCP, says that in the Chamber “we aim at convening as many regional companies as possible, because we believe that there is strength in numbers and the way to advance the development of our region is based on working together with all the companies”.

Zaccarelli adds that “collaborating with different types of companies of different sizes and sectors will in the end help the region´s GDP increase and improve the quality of life”.

As for the integration of Adrox as a new CRCP partner, Zaccarelli states that “the fourth industrial revolution involves many new technologies that are being incorporated in everyday innovations. Nanotechnology is one of the most important, and it has already had a very relevant impact”.

Macarena Herrera, business development manager at Adrox, who received the certificate on behalf of Adrox , values ​​this association with the CRCP: “Through this trade organization, we can obtain a network of contacts that allows us to work together with other businesses in the region”.

Herrera also adds that “it is important that new technologies be included in these institutions, because nanotechnology can be applied in different industrial areas, so you can work together and receive enriching feedback”.

With this new partnership, Adrox has positioned itself in a privileged group of companies, which can count on the support of the CRCP, and participate in networking activities, trainings, etc.