1 September, 2017 admin_adrox

Adrox Was Part Of The Most Important Industrial Fair In The World In Germany

Adrox has been working in the field of nanotechnology for several years, offering nanocoating to protect vehicles, glass, clothes, among others. But recently Adrox has dedicated its work in nanocoating to solar panels, seeking to improve efficiency in the solar industry.

“Through the German government, we were invited to participate in the Hannover Messe, which is the most important industrial fair in the world, in which  large research centers as well as universities and two private R & D companies participate”, the CEO and Founder of Adrox, Felipe Pacheco explains.

The idea, according to Pacheco, is to show Adrox the German reality, in terms of the use of solar panels that allow them to have cities that are 100% sustainable.

“In Germany we are going to see how some cities, similar to Temuco, and with rural realities, use state-of-the-art technology in terms of solar energy. (…) We seek to transfer that knowledge to spread the use of solar energy in Chile” Pacheco adds.


Moisture directly affects the efficiency of solar panels, reducing the uptake of radiation, and thus, generating less energy. That is why Adrox has been developing different techniques to cover the panels, using nanomaterials, so that neither the humidity nor the dirt affects the efficiency of the panels.

Felipe Pacheco mentions that “in Adrox we have a nanomaterial that is painted on the panel, and that helps to keep it clean. Therefore, the efficiency of the panel is not affected. If we did not use nanotechnology the reflection angle of the panel could be modified, which would mean a decrease in efficiency, and therefore, a decrease in energy generation”.

In addition to the participation in the Hannover Messe, Felipe Pacheco is going to visit a matrix of renewable energies in Spain, a laboratory of nanoparticles in France, among other activities.