1 September, 2017 admin_adrox

International Congress “Nanomedicine, Energy & Water”

Eurochile and Fundación Chile hold International Nanotechnology Congress.

Our CEO, Felipe Pacheco, referred to the development and application of nanotechnology for the energy field and the reduction of water and carbon footprints, pointing out that “the massive use of solar energy will be possible thanks to nanotechnology”.

In his speech, Pacheco addressed the revolution that nanotechnology will provoke in all working areas, ensuring that “nanotechnology opens up the use of nanomaterials or nanoparticles in the modification of new and used materials.”

For his part, the President of Eurochile, Vicente Caruz, stated that “it is important to emphasize that the issues addressed in this congress are in line with the guidelines that the Government of Chile has expressed in supporting the development of new technologies and applications as a strategy to leave dependence on natural resources behind and open spaces to sectors capable of adding value and producing new goods and services; to develop industries and create poles of innovation and competitiveness”.

The congress, which took place under the NMP-DeLA project (www.nmp-dela.eu), funded by the European Commission, achieved its goal creating a relevant dialogue between research and development centers, universities, industry representatives, the public sector and society.

As a result, a sustainable and long-term platform will be created to generate collaborations and promote further development of nanotechnologies, so as to be able to face the challenges in health, clean energy and the environment in Latin America.

The meeting was a unique opportunity, for both the Latin American and European scientific community, and for groups interested in the topic; an opportunity to increase their knowledge base in the use of advanced materials for intelligent diagnostic and therapeutic solutions in the field of nanomedicine; solar energy solutions, photovoltaic and fuel cells, as well as environmental solutions, especially water recycling and purification.

The meeting was attended by important representatives of the public sector (the French Ministry of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs and the Uruguayan Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining of Uruguay), technological centers (Ascamm and Leitat from Spain, the Finnish Technological Research Center VTT), Malsch TechnoValuation from the Netherlands, the Center of Innovation of the University of Cambridge, England), networks (Redinn European Innovation Network, the Latin American Network of Nanotechnology and Society-ReLANS, Brazil), and universities , the Universidad of Concepción, the University of Santiago de Chile, Bio Bio University).