1 September, 2017 admin_adrox

Nanotechnology Permits Reduction of Water Consumption In Cleaning Solar Panels And Buildings

Achieving the technological development of products that allow companies to reduce costs and at the same time have a lower environmental impact, is the challenge that faces Adrox, a company that seeks to innovate in solutions that are delivered to individuals, in terms of cleaning and conserving water.

With the support of CORFO, Adrox managed to develop a series of self-cleaning coatings, ground-breaking in Chile, with applications in the fields of solar energy and real estate, as well as other product areas. These coatings are transparent and prevent dust and dirt from adhering to surfaces, reducing costs in labor and cleaning materials. The method of use of the product is simple: it is applied in liquid form on the surface, without the need for special equipment, and only a damp cloth is required for subsequent cleaning.

Felipe Pacheco, CEO and founder of Adrox, refers to the origin of this idea, commenting that “in the beginning, the idea had to do with saving costs in cleaning. I started researching and I came across nanotechnology, which has to do with reducing the materials to their minimum expression. There you find interesting properties, such as water repellent, anticorrosion, among other features”.

So far, the company has developed applications for the real estate industry, in waterproofing walls and glass, which allows them to be kept clean in a much more effective way. In the case of buildings, the use of nanocoating reduces the costs in materials and the risks of work at heights. In the case of buildings with glass façades, this is even more noticeable and becomes an effective contribution to sustainability, as water consumption decreases.

One of the innovative applications has to do with the use of the coating in photovoltaic solar panels, which may diminish their performance significantly due to dirt. In large solar plants, water conservation can be considerable. In these cases a previous study is developed by the company, to define the most suitable product according to the environmental characteristics of the place where the panels are located.

In addition to the above mentioned uses, it can also be used on automotive paints.

Finally, Adrox also works on antibacterial products, aimed at food services and health facilities.