Multidisciplinary team specialized on nanotechnology

Our Company

At Adrox, we have a multidisciplinary team composed of professionals who contribute, each one, to the growth and positioning of the company.

From Doctors in Physics and Chemistry and Chemical Civil Engineers, responsible for research work in the laboratories, to Industrial Engineers, Business Administrators and Accountants, in charge of project management, to a team of Designers and Developers responsible for implementing solutions and positioning the image of Adrox on the retina of its potential clients.

Our Team

Moebius Tape and Adrox


The meaning behind the image of Adrox, expressed by the famous Moebius tape, is related to the myriad of alternatives and opportunities that exist in the market related to the world of nanotechnology.

Adrox is a company that has existed for three years and tries to contribute to society, always keeping the environment, sustainability, and therefore, the good of all in mind.