We supply a line of applicable products, made for different surfaces like vehicles, clothes, glasses, solar panels and more.

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We supply a line of products in liquid form, that can applied by our clients directly on multiple surfaces of the automotive, energy, real estate and health industries.

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Application case - Efficiency program with + PowerSun

Adrox’s R + D + i experience in innovative nanotechnology for extreme protection of photovoltaic surfaces, with the + PowerSun solution, has been created thanks to scientific studies that have helped  to get to know the solar industry and technology to the full, offering products and high level services, to meet the current and future challenges of the solar industry.


Non-sustainable processes, due to intensive water and labor use in order to fight dirtying that causes loss of power generation or grid injection availability.

Comprehensive solution

Development of special formulas for solar plants, along with the implementation of O & M monitoring for washing and maintenance in the field, as an efficiency program in maintenance and sustainability.


The + PowerSun invisible sacrifice layer, 100/200 [nm], will receive all the impact of the particulate material, creating a vacuum between the dirt and the panel, thus achieving a protection and efficiency mechanism that is extremely easy to clean.

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